Which concrete is perfect for you?

Decorative Concretes are popular for many reasons. One of which is their versatility. Homeowners and property investors can choose between Liquid Limestone, Exposed Aggregate, Coloured Concrete or Honed Concrete. Yet it can be confusing to know which product best suits your needs.

Investing the time to understand each product will pay off in the long term by way of increased street appeal, a rise in the value of your property, durability and most importantly gives you your time back.

Get the job done right the first time and it will not only save you money, but it will also give you a return on investment.

Uses and benefits of Decorative Concrete

Liquid Limestone paving is a combination of concrete and reconstituted limestone. It’s the natural choice for those seeking an affordable, stylish and durable landscaping solution. Because of its smooth finish it’s perfect for outdoor living areas such as patios & alfresco areas. Liquid Limestone is also a popular option around swimming pools as it doesn’t get hot underfoot.

This is the perfect product for families with children and pets because it’s comfortable to be on all year round.

Exposed Aggregate is a blend of concrete and various combinations of coloured tints and aggregates. It’s an attractive, naturally textured style of concrete flooring that perfectly compliments any style of landscaping design. There are many combinations to choose from. With a slightly rougher surface texture this type of concrete is ideal for driveways and paths, but can be used in any outdoor area.

Coloured Concrete is plain concrete with a grey or white base to which any number of different tints can be added to perfectly suit your home. Whether it be a coastal home or a country heritage style home, coloured concrete will give you the longevity, strength and toughness required for outdoor paving.

Honed Concrete has seen an increase in popularity recently as it offers the perfect indoor/outdoor lifestyle balance. With an attractive selection, this style of finish combines the beauty and colour of polished stone with the practicality of concrete, allowing your home to stand out from the rest. Perfect for outdoor entertaining areas and is now becoming more popular for pool surrounds.

Low Maintenance

Unlike individually laid pavers, Decorative Concrete is poured en masse, making it resistant to common outdoor annoyances like weeds and anthills. It also requires very minimal time and effort to maintain. A simple pressure clean once a year and a professional clean and re-seal every few years (depending on how much traffic the areas gets) will keep it looking brand new.

So instead of spending weekends and time off cleaning & re-oiling the deck or raking the artificial lawn (which gets really hot under the sun), you can spend more time doing the things you enjoy with the people you love.

What to look out for

Like any quality outdoor flooring solution Decorative Concrete should always be installed by an experienced professional. There are many factors that will determine what type of job you finish up with. Some are in control of your concreter and some are not.

Of the factors that are in the concreters control, preparation, installation & finishing really are key and with concrete you get what you pay for.

Levels must be set right to ensure correct concrete thickness. An experienced contractor will know what type of reinforcing is required and where it should be placed. Falls are also important or you could end up with flooding in your garage or alfresco area when it rains.

The sub base should be prepared correctly and concrete that has been manufactured to Australian Standards should be used to ensure good quality.

Experienced concreters will know how to install the concrete professionally and finish it to a high standard.

This is a big investment and if not done correctly the first time, could end up costing you down the track.

In Conclusion

All styles of Decorative Concretes when installed by a reputable concreter are hardwearing, cost-effective, visually striking and are suitable for numerous outdoor applications. They’re designed to withstand high levels of traffic and inclement weather.

Because of their stylish looks and numerous benefits they increase the re-sale value of your home, are a great option for people with rental properties who want a low maintenance solution and are perfect for everyone - especially for families and people with pets.

And if lifestyle and time freedom are important to you, than this product line will suit you perfectly.

To upgrade your lifestyle reach out to us here.

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